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If you recently received a notification that your loan was transferred to Nationstar Mortgage LLC, welcome! Watch your mail for our "Welcome Package" which will be mailed within 15 days of the effective date in the Notice of Transfer letter. This welcome package will introduce you to Nationstar and answer the many questions you may have. In the meantime, please explore our web site to learn more about Nationstar. We look forward to serving your home mortgage needs.

About Nationstar Mortgage LLC

Nationstar Mortgage is one of the nation's leading mortgage lenders. Our headquarters is located in Dallas. We've helped hundreds of thousands of customers since 1997.

About Your Loan Transfer

We appreciate your patience during the transition and we expect to have your loan information available to view online 7 days after your loan transfer date. At that time, we encourage you to take advantage of the many on-line features we have available to our customers.

Customer Service Values

Nationstar Mortgage is committed to making your loan our highest priority. We offer several options for you to contact us for any concerns or questions you may have during the life of your mortgage. We are here to make the transition of your loan a convenient experience.

Terms of Your Loan

The transfer of your loan to Nationstar Mortgage does not affect the terms and conditions of your loan. The interest rate, monthly payment and term of your loan will not change.

Making Your Payments

Nationstar Mortgage LLC has several payment options for your convenience.
Click here for more detailed information.

If you currently have automatic draft/debit (ACH) set-up with your previous servicer and your bank:

  • Please read important information about your Automatic Draft Service in your Welcome Letter. This letter is normally mailed within five days from the time Nationstar becomes your loan servicer.

  • If the Notice of Transfer letter states your automatic payment plan is transferring, be aware that the first draft may be delayed by as much as 10 days. Rest assured there will be no late fees or negative reporting as a result of this one time delay. Future monthly drafts will return to their normal date.
  • If you have a monthly recurring mortgage payment through your own personal bank, please take the time and update your mortgage's payee information to:

    Nationstar Mortgage, LLC
    PO Box 650783
    Dallas, TX 75265-0783

    * You will need your Nationstar Loan Number in order to complete this process. This loan number will be on your Welcome Letter, which will be mailed to you on or around the effective date of your transfer.

    Click here to set up a monthly recurring payment.

Escrow Account Information (Taxes and Insurance)

If your loan is escrowed for taxes and/or homeowner's insurance, and these annual amounts are due during the transfer period, rest assured we will make these payments on your behalf.

Year-end Tax Statements (1098/1099 tax Forms)

You will receive two year-end tax statements - one from your previous servicer for the time period they serviced your loan and one from Nationstar Mortgage for the time period we serviced your loan. You will need to combine the two amounts to determine the total amount for the year.

Modification Status for Transferred Loans

Did you recently apply for or complete a loan modification, and then you find out your loan was transferred to Nationstar?

Why Should I Sign Up to Access My Loan Online?

It's the quickest way to:

  • Stay up-to-date on your account activities
  • Make sure your payments are on time

Plus, you can easily access:

  • Your Loan Summary
  • Monthly Statements
  • Application of Last Payment
  • Prior Year 1098
  • Escrow Analysis
  • Information about the Making Home Affordable Program and how you can apply online
  • Year-to-date interest and taxes paid
  • View Pay History
  • Escrow Account Information
  • Request a Payoff

Payment Options

Nationstar Mortgage offers you flexible ways to submit your loan payment. Not only do these easy ways to pay save you time, they also help you keep your payments current.

Monthly Auto Draft

Set up an automatic draft for your loan for peace of mind.

Click here to sign in now and create your auto-draft.

Pay by Mail

Pay to: Nationstar Mortgage
Mail to: Nationstar Mortgage
P.O. Box 650783
Dallas, TX 75265-0783

Web Payment

Perform an instant, online payment.

Click here to sign in now and make a payment.

Western Union® Pay by Phone

Simply call 1-888-480-2432. Please have your account number and last four digits of your social security number ready and follow the instructions. Your payment will be processed using services provided through our partnership with Western Union®.

Western Union® Quick Collect®

This option is available to ensure same-day delivery of your payment. Call 1-800-325-6000 to locate the nearest Western Union® Quick Collect® Agent. At your nearest agent’s office, complete a blue Quick Collect® form. Be sure to provide your name and your Nationstar Mortgage loan number. You will also need the following information to assure that your payment reaches Nationstar Mortgage:

Pay to: Nationstar Mortgage
State: TX

All Quick Collect® transactions require cash, and you will be assessed a fee by Western Union® for this service.

MoneyGram ExpressPayment

This option is available to ensure same-day delivery of your payment. Call 1-800-926-9400 to locate the nearest MoneyGram agent.

At your nearest agent’s office, complete a blue ExpressPayment form. Be sure to provide your name and your Nationstar Mortgage loan number. The MoneyGram Receive Code is ***1678***. You will need this code to assure that your payment reaches Nationstar Mortgage. All ExpressPayment transactions require cash, and you will be assessed a fee by MoneyGram for this service.

Equity Accelerator®
(Bi-Weekly Payments)

This convenient payment option automatically transfers a portion of your loan payment electronically from your checking account at a date that corresponds to your pay cycle - typically every other week.

The transfers are applied to your mortgage account based on your due date each month. As you pay through this program, you actually accumulate extra funds that are applied directly to your principal resulting in your mortgage balance being paid down faster. This allows less strain on your budget plus saving you interest.

To find out more about this convenient payment option and to enroll, please call 1-800-458-1564. If you have questions or need to make changes to your current enrollment, please call 1-800-209-9700.

Hardship Assistance

Nationstar Mortgage has many programs designed to help borrowers get through rough times. These plans include the Home Affordable Modification Program, Nationstar's own modification plans, short sales, deeds in lieu of foreclosure and more. We can work with you from the beginning of the process, or pick up where you and your prior servicer left off. Simply contact us and speak to a loan counselor for more details.

Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP)

If you have previously submitted a request for the Home Affordable Modification Program (HAMP) to your previous servicer, we are expecting to receive your documents within 30 days and will continue with the process once we have access to your loan information.

If you would like to learn more about the government assistance programs that are available to you, click here to see if you may be eligible or click here to submit an application on-line *.

* On-line applications require you to register your account. Please allow adequate time for your loan to be available in our systems.

  • Are my rights under the loan documents affected?
    No. The terms of the loan are not affected by this loan servicing transfer; your loan is simply being transferred to Nationstar Mortgage for servicing

  • I already sent my payment to my previous servicer. Will my payment be forwarded to Nationstar?
    Yes. Your previous servicer will forward the payment to Nationstar and we will credit it to your loan. However, sixty (60) days after the transfer they may no longer provide this service and the payment may be returned to you.

  • Currently, I have my tax and insurance payments made by my mortgage company. Will this continue?
    Yes. If you currently have escrow funds held for the payment of your taxes and/or insurance premiums, Nationstar will continue collecting these funds and making those payments.

  • Do I need to contact my insurance company?
    Yes. Please ask your insurance carrier to change the mortgagee clause to:

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC
    Its Successors and/or Assigns (ISAOA)
    As Their Interests May Appear (ATIMA)
    PO BOX 7729
    Springfield, OH 45501

    You will also need to change your loan number to the new Nationstar loan number.

  • Will I receive billing statements?
    Yes. Every month hereafter you will receive a detailed statement with a coupon attached that you may use to mail in your payment.

  • When will I receive my year-end information for tax purposes and for my records?
    Both your previous servicer and Nationstar will provide you with separate statements no later than January 31st. These statements will reflect the amount of mortgage interest paid and any real estate taxes paid through your escrow account during the period of time your loan was serviced by each company.

  • How do I make my monthly mortgage payment?
  • Nationstar offers several options to make your monthly payment:
    • Monthly Automatic Payment Program – This free, recurring, automatic service deducts your monthly payment from your checking or savings account on the same day each month. Simply visit our website at under My Account, select “Make a Payment” to enroll in this service.
    • On Demand Speedpay – Available options:
      • Via the Web – Register on our website at and schedule your payment. This option is provided at no charge to you as long as you schedule your payment within 9 days of the due date. Thereafter, there may be a fee of $9.95 to make an online payment.
      • Via Automated Phone System – Call us at 1-888-480-2432 anytime to schedule a payment through our automated telephone system. The fee for this service is up to $14.00.
      • Via a Customer Service Representative – Call us at 1-888-480-2432 and speak with our Customer Service Department. You can reach a representative Monday through Thursday between 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. CST, and Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. CST. A $19.00 fee may apply for this service.
    • Bi-weekly Payment Program – We offer different plans where funds are automatically drafted from your checking or savings account and remitted to Nationstar. The program affords you the opportunity to payoff your mortgage sooner, which results in interest savings, early PMI removal, increased equity and payday budgeting. For more information on this program or to enroll, please call 1-800-458-1564.
    • Mailing Your Payment – Please use the coupon attached to the Welcome Letter for your initial payment to Nationstar. Each month hereafter, you will receive a billing statement to make your monthly mortgage payment. If you misplace the coupon you can mail your payments to:

    Nationstar Mortgage
    P.O. Box 650783
    Dallas, TX 75265-0783

    • Western Union Quick Collect or MoneyGram ExpressPaymentTM – Nationstar allows you to send funds directly to our office by wire using these services. There is a fee associated with each service. For the nearest payment location and for further details call 1-800-325-6000 for Western Union or 1-800-926-9400 for MoneyGram. Complete the Western Union Quick Collect form using CODE CITY “ASTAR” and CODE STATE “TX” or use “Receive Code 1678” on the MoneyGram ExpressPaymentTM form.

  • I am not currently using coupons because my payments are automatically deducted by my bank or through a bill-payment service. What do I need to do to continue having my payment automatically deducted?
    If you use an online or bill paying service, please update the Payee information to:

    Nationstar Mortgage LLC
    P.O. Box 650783
    Dallas, TX 75265-0783

    Also, please update the account number to your new Nationstar loan number.

  • Can I view my loan online over the Internet?
    Yes, once you have registered your account online at, you can view your mortgage loan online anytime, 24/7. If you experience any difficulty, please contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-480-2432, Monday through Thursday between 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. CST, and Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. CST.

  • Periodically my escrow account is adjusted based upon a servicer analysis. Will my escrow analysis date change and when will I receive an Escrow Analysis Statement?
    Nationstar complies with the Real Estate Settlement Procedure Act which requires us to perform a periodic analysis of your loan. This analysis may result in an escrow account adjustment. You will receive an escrow analysis statement each time an analysis is performed. Nationstar generally performs analysis on loans shortly after we make the largest scheduled disbursement from your escrow account.

  • I may soon be called to active duty in the military. What do I need to do?
    Please send in a copy of your orders to report for active duty to:

    Nationstar Mortgage
    Attention: Research Department
    8950 Cypress Waters Boulevard
    Coppell, TX 75019

  • How can I obtain the total amount to pay off my loan?
    You may request a written payoff quote via our website, through our automated phone system, or by calling one of our Customer Service Representatives at 1-888-480-2432. In an effort to ensure all amounts quoted are accurate, we do not provide verbal payoff figures.

  • If I need information on my loan, who should I contact?
    We certainly encourage you to take advantage of the convenience of accessing your loan information on our website or through our automated phone system. Both are available 24/7 for your convenience. Please contact Nationstar’s Customer Service Department at 1-888-480-2432 if you have questions that cannot be answered through those systems or if you would simply prefer to speak to a representative.

  • How can I change my personal contact information?
    You can change your mailing address, telephone number, and email address:
    • Online at
    • Complete the form on the back of your payment coupon and mail it with your monthly payment
    • Contact our Customer Service Department at 1-888-480-2432, Monday through Thursday between 8:00 A.M. and 8:00 P.M. CST, and Friday between 8:00 A.M. and 6:00 P.M. CST

  • I have life insurance or other optional products on my mortgage. Are they impacted?
    Yes. If you have been paying premiums for life, disability, accidental death insurance or other optional products, these policies may not transfer to Nationstar and may be cancelled. If you desire to continue your optional coverage, you should contact your product provider and discuss the possibility of directly remitting your premium to them to continue the life insurance coverage or optional products.

  • Will my modification transfer to my new servicer?
    If your account was modified prior to the transfer, the modification will remain. If you were working on, but had not finalized your modification, then how we proceed will depend on what step of the process you were working on prior to the transfer. Seven days after the effective transfer, you can check the status of your modification on-line by selecting the “Check My Status” option under the “My Account” navigation bar. It’s possible that we may need to start over, or we may need further documentation.
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